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Lek aan dek

Lek aan Dek is a VR puzzle game for the Dutch Navy to attract more applicants.

The player has to complete all the tasks and reach the end within 5 minutes,
It was designed to be showcased at events to get more people interested in the navy.

We build this as part of our exam as a "Masterpiece" to show what we're capable of.

Position: Programmer.
Length of time: 12 weeks.
Language: C#.

What I contributed to: Logic for preventing wall clips, Logic for player height on a ship with buoyancy, Generation of the PIN for the blocked door, Keypad to enter the PIN, Keypad display including user-feedback, Spawning, texture assigning and colours generation of the paintings, Tilting for hanging objects, Base clock functionality, Watch,blinking and beeps extended from base clock, Analog clock extended from base clock with rotating hand, World triggers, Putting stuff together in scene for sprints, Fixing stuff, Item placement, Lighting and flickering, Game flow, Secret easteregg. :)

Collaborators: Alex Janson, Mitchell Tuinstra, Lucas de Jonghe, Yvonne Kuijt, Zoë Baars, Rümeysa Bozkurt.

GitHub repository | Download Windows ready .ZIP