About me!

Hi! My name is Sjors, I'm a 23 year old, and I am a passionate student game developer from Enkhuizen.

I graduated on MediaCollege in Amsterdam as a GameDeveloper and currently continuing my studying adventures on the HKU in Utrecht!

I've been creating games since I was six years old, and I'm still enjoying it! Ever since I was little I've been playing Nintendo games and so I hope that I can end up there eventually! In the meantime, I try to learn as much as possible.

I'm really interested in VR development and I usually want to really polish my games where I can.
Besides that, I help around the house, do fencing and play games, that kind of stuff.

I also have a cool dog, check it.

In my free time I:
- Explore new features in Unity;
- Learn C++ and Unreal;
- Develop shader skills;
- Work with and explore new hardware;
- Practice 6502 assembly;
- Try to get a grip on Blender;
- And recently started to look into Swift!

Check out the projects page!


These are my fancy projects.